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How To Find Hidden Bank Accounts

By on October 12, 2011

hidden bank accountThe need to know how to find hidden bank accounts arises due to many reasons. One very important reason could be that of a divorce and the other can be when charges are pressed against companies and industries.

Retrieval of Hidden Bank Accounts in Case of Divorce Suits

While filing a divorce a suit there is a compulsory disclosure phase. During this phase many times the spouse does not give the entire details of his bank account. In that case it is necessary that you carry out a search for hidden bank accounts.

You can start your search for hidden bank accounts by reviewing the mandatory disclosure and the corresponding bank statements. You should simultaneously keep a note of the routing numbers, bank account numbers, and date of the statements and the names of the banks. In case you feel there are missing monthly statements then you must request for the provision of the statements. You must thoroughly inspect every bank transfer and keep track of the amounts that are transferred.

When you find some monthly payments, car payments, etc. to be missing and that they are not made up somehow then it should strike you that something is strange. You may find some significant pattern in the missing payment details. You may then conclude that there exists a hidden bank account which makes payments on behalf of him.

Your next step should be to check tax returns which get automatically deposited to an account. In this case the routing number and the account number should be matched with the statements that you have. Mark the statements carefully. If you do not have the statements then note the routing number and the bank account number. Keep a check on the computers used for online bank transfers to have a quick reference to the bank accounts. You can refer to the cookies and the browser history to find information.

If references are being made through any other financial documents then they should be thoroughly checked. Your spouse may also be hiding the list of any safe deposit boxes for obtaining bank account statements.

Initially you have to request the other party to produce the bank details. In case your spouse does not want to hand over the bank statements to you then you can get a court order to have the statements in your hand.

Retrieval of Hidden Bank Accounts of Business Enterprises

Sometimes various industries and companies fear having to pay a huge amount of money for judgments caused due to lawsuits, child support or alimony. In that case how to find hidden bank accounts becomes an important question.

An asset search can be conducted using various connections and sources to a wide network of databases across a particular industry. You must know the various types of assets that a company can have: jewelry, stocks, bonds, money in banks, real property, bonds, etc. Bank accounts appear to be hidden because liquid assets like money are transferred in the name of a relative, spouse, business entity or a friend. Funds may be also transferred to offshore bank accounts so that they can’t be traced. A number of legal tools namely Writ of execution, Bank Levy, Debtor’s examination, etc. can be used to retrieve hidden bank accounts.

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